The Concept of Happiness- Happiness is for Everyone

Mova_PhotoShooting_355Thankfully discussing happiness and contentment has become very popular among different fields, including mainstream media. To find happiness within is not as simple as many are portraying it, but also not as complicated and unachievable as others believe.

The popularity of the concept of happiness in mainstream media is amazing because it exposes a vast variety of people to it. It triggers a search for wanting more in life and taking our well being to the next level.

‘Look inside and you’ll find happiness.’

Living a happy and content life requires consistency, determination, and the openness to self-development. Yes, it requires you to look inside as stated in the above quote, but there is much more information and actual work to it. It requires you to look inside, to observe your self, face your self, your fears, anxieties, and assumptions and find ways to overcome or learn to live with them. It also often requires an attitude change and a different, more mindful outlook on life and the world.

While living a happy and content life is not as simple as a quote with one sentence, it is also not as complicated as others belief. A mistake many make is to be too judgmental with themselves, constantly practicing self criticism and striving for perfection. They belief that a happy person is the one who is always smiling and in a good mood and that this is something not accessible to them.

Happiness and contentment do not exclude difficult times and challenges. Maybe you already have everything you need to be happy and content, but your mental picture of a happy person is an idealized version, not reflecting reality. Everyone experiences difficult times and challenges. Do not wait for your life to be smooth and even. Acknowledge that life is wavy and exciting, always offering us challenges and opportunities for growth.

An important step along the journey is to make sure that we have a correct understanding of the concept of happiness. Truly happy and content people don’t always smile and they don’t always feel their best. Happiness can be defined as an inner contentment, recognizing and appreciating opportunities, focusing on the positive and beauty in life. A truly content person lives in a flow, moving steadily and continuously. A truly content person does not search for perfection, but appreciates the moment and highly values growth.

When we are in such a flow we are connected to our inner self, absorbed by what we are doing, while focusing on and appreciating all we have already, as well as on our goals and visions. Difficulties then become chances. Truly happy people experience frustration and sadness, but instead of interpreting them as a down they focus on how to overcome them and recognize the opportunities and lessons these challenges bear within them.

If you start to look inside of you, invest time in getting to know yourself better, and find ways to nourish your being you will automatically start to experience this flow and get in touch with your inner contentment. I truly believe that one of the key ingredients to happiness is to turn to ourselves, understanding who we are through ourselves and not through others. To work on our selves is not an easy journey, but a beautiful, highly rewarding one and open to anyone.

Wishing everyone a great and happy day 🙂
xxx Sarah



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