African Inspiration: Stay as Long as It’s Good for You- Move on as Soon as It’s Not

In exactly a week Marcos and me are flying to India for two months, doing many different yoga courses and travelling. Before I embark on this new adventure I want to share with you some of the insights I had on our honeymoon in Africa in October. We visited South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia, and Botswana. The wilderness of Botswana has been one of the most impressive and inspiring places for me so far. Being in a pure untouched environment where nature works in harmony made me think and reflect a lot.

What is it that I can learn from a place like this and apply to the world I live in with all its influences on the natural cycle?

Botswana is a country, which extremely takes care of its environment and the animals, preserving a natural eco system with as little human influence as possible. It doesn’t have nature parks like many other African countries, where animals are actually being manipulated in order to satisfy the tourists. This allows the animals to freely move around and contain their natural behavior. Most animals, such as wild dogs and lions, find their territory where they sleep, hunt, and drink. They choose an area, which can satisfy all their needs. Once the area cannot provide for them anymore they will move on to search for a better one.

So often have I been in an area, especially mentally, which actually didn’t fulfill my needs and often even negatively contributed to my being. So often have I not let go and moved on, but got myself stuck in that place. While observing the behavior of these animals I realized that we are as free as they are. It is ourselves, which make us get stuck in a situation, thought, or mental state. Most of the time there is nothing that holds us back from moving on, but ourselves. We need to recognize when we get stuck, physically or mentally, and find ways to move on.

We so often nourish our negative thoughts and bad moods and reinforce them by doing so. It sometimes even seems as if we want to stay at that very place. A lot of people are frustrated, unsatisfied, and even miserable because of their job or are unhappy in their relationship or with their lifestyle. We should constantly reflect on the way we are living and adjust it to our values and to what is important to us in life. Maybe we are living a life that contradicts our true self and in turn lowers our well- being.

We have so much power over our own well- being and it is upon us to use this freedom and make choices, which are in line with our values and goals. Take a moment today to reflect on what is important to you and then reflect on the life you are living, the thoughts you are thinking, and the choices you are making. If they are not in line with your values move on and make changes accordingly, just as the animals move on when their territory doesn’t serve them anymore.

Wishing you all a relaxing Sunday,



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