A Balanced Life is a Healthy Life. What Balance Means to me + Some Tips for Finding Your Personal Balance

In yoga we find stability and balance through opposing forces. In the one-legged standing posture I attached to this post I am pushing the standing leg into the ground, and am at the same time lifting up towards the sky through the crown of my head. I am pushing my extended foot into my hand, and pulling back my hand. These opposing forces give stability, just like in life. We need light and darkness, happiness and sadness, determination and laziness…. The tricky part is that stability and balance aren’t necessarily achieved by including equal parts of each side.

Sometimes we need much more of one than the other and it’s upon us to figure that out. All of us are different and there’s no general rule of thumb. A dose that might work for one might unbalance the other.

If someone would meet me for a day, on a day where I am full of energy and determination, this person might think that I am the most active girl in the world. If someone else would meet me on a day where I just feel like chilling, doing nothing, staying at home, and eating chocolate and pizza, this person might think I am the laziest and unhealthiest girl in the world. I would agree with both of them. I have both sides in me and I really enjoy living up to it. It is however important for me to have a balance. In this case it means to be more active, creating, and moving than doing nothing, eating unhealthy, and not leaving the house.

I truly believe that balance is the key to a healthy and happy life. As soon as we restrict and deprive ourselves we create an unbalance, which will either lead to dissatisfaction or tenseness in our mind and body. It can be expressed by mood swings, weight gain/ loss, and other health problems.

Eating healthy is great. Forbidding ourselves to ever eat unhealthy food is not so good. Exercising is important. Forcing ourselves to do sports every day without a break is not beneficial. It can even be damaging.

Studying and learning is one of the most amazing things. Pressuring yourself like crazy to study non- stop will deprive you of joy and can lead to frustration and anxiety.

Turning inward and getting to know ourselves is a great tool for growth and self- development. Excessively analyzing ourselves can drive us crazy.

A balance of healthy eating and joyous indulgence, exercise and rest, study and rest, self- observation and just being is crucial for our well- being. There’s no magic book, which can tell you how much you need of what, but there are magic tools:

  1. Let go of what you think you should be
    As soon as we hold in our heads limiting ideas of what we should or shouldn’t do and should or shouldn’t be we restrict ourselves and throw out important parts of our being and doing for a healthy and balanced life.
  1. Make your goals and dreams part of you. You’ll start enjoying the path
    Often it’s difficult to balance what we feel like doing and what we should be doing. As soon as you start internalizing your goals and dreams this will become irrelevant and you’ll find joy in doing the necessary work to reach your goals and dreams and be able to listen to yourself with an awareness that can differentiate between unnecessary laziness and times where you really feel like resting,
  1. Simply try it out
    As mentioned above there is no overall rule of how much of each opposing force we need in order to find stability. So just try it out. Check how you feel when training 5 days a week, twice a day, 3 days a week, or maybe just twice for 2 hours each time. It’s up to you. The same goes for other life areas. Learn to figure out what works best for you through yourself and not through others.
  1. Remind yourself of the benefits of living a balanced life and the positive effects it has on you
  1. Be patient
    These are probably the two magic words, which fit to almost everything. You won’t find out the right amount of ingredients towards balance for each area in your life within a day. Experimenting takes some time and that is really important. If you rush you won’t get real results, but quick results satisfying your desire to get over with this as soon as possible. If you stay patient you’ll get reliable results, which will help you to live a truly balanced life.

We are off to the airport now to make our way to India. I can’t wait for two months of studying, practicing, and chilling. To keep the balance J

Wishing you all a peaceful and balanced Sunday.

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