Choose Your Attitude Wisely, it Forms Your Reality.

Chose faith instead of fear, trust instead of scare, peace instead of pressured strive, wisdom and openness instead of ignorance.

Before you continue reading I’d like to invite you to sit back for a moment and identify your attitude with which you were approaching your day today and in the last days. How did and do you approach

yourself, your work, your friends, and challenges? Take a piece of paper and write down every attitude you could notice without evaluating or judging it and then continue reading.

Your attitude determines how you experience your reality. It is being influenced by your past and the way you see yourself and the world. We often allow that to happen automatically without consciously noticing or influencing it. When we are on auto mode our sub-consciousness takes over and guides us. Many people’s auto mode takes them to negative places, forming negative attitudes, and at times even destructive ones.

The good thing is that if we want to, we can control our inner world and choose with which attitude we want to approach our selves and life. All we need to do is recognize those attitudes, which aren’t serving us and replace them with positive ones. At the beginning it might seem difficult and maybe even artificial, but you’ll notice that after practicing this for a little while your subconscious will start to automatically guide you to chose positive attitudes. Remember that you have trained your mind to criticize your self and form attitudes, which aren’t serving you, most likely over many years, so be patient with yourself and allow this development to happen gradually and slowly.

Below you can find a little exercise, which helps you in transforming your attitude into a positive one. As always if you have any questions ideas, or comments feel free to e-mail me or send a pm to

Wishing you all a good day,

xxx Sarah

Find Your Positive Attitude:
Further down you can find a list of positive attitudes. Look at the sheet of paper, where you wrote down your current attitudes you have identified earlier on, and evaluate which ones of these aren’t serving you. They might not even be initially negative, but just keep you away from being you or accomplishing your goals. As a next step choose positive attitudes, which can replace the ones you identified as not good for you.

Now create your own affirmation including the positive attitudes you chose. You can create a daily affirmation, a weekly, or even a monthly one. Repeat it several times in the morning and in the evening and if you would like to throughout the day as well. You’ll notice that your chosen positive attitude will become you and influence both your actions and your well- being.

Examples for affirmations nourishing a positive attitude:

  • I completely trust the world and myself.
  • I peacefully work towards achieving my goals.
  • I accept the past, enjoy the moment, and work towards my present and future goals, always staying optimistic.
    I believe in myself and work towards my goals with determination and trust

    List of positive attitudes (there are of course many many more):

Accepting Enthusiastic Generous Kind Positiv Serious
Ambitious Faithful Grateful Learning Peaceful Tolerant
Balanced Flexible Honest Listening Reliable Trusting
Considerate Forgiving Humble Motivated Self- Confident Thoughtful
Determined Free Interested Open Self- Disciplined Thankful
Devoted Friendly Involved Optimistic Self-Loving Wise


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