An Energizing and Calming Morning Routine

When you arise in the morningthink of what a precious privilege it is to be alive -to breatheto thinkto enjoyto love.”– Marcus Aurelius

The morning is a very special time of the day. It is an opportunity for a fresh new start, an opportunity to live another day, structure it the way you want, and make choices that allow you to feel good with your self. The way we start our day strongly influences the rest of our day. Allow the beginning of your day to inspire you for the hours ahead. In this post I will introduce you to such a morning routine. It does not take long to follow the routine and is suitable for everyone even if you don’t want to commit to getting up much earlier than you usually do.

For many the morning is a struggle. They are tired and some lack the motivation to get up because they do not look forward to the day ahead. We must know that it is not the morning that makes us tired but our lifestyle. Going to bed late, eating late, eating heavy meals, not eating or drinking enough, or simply being too stressed are all factors that influence the way you feel physically and mentally in the morning. If you feel that way it is worth reflecting on your lifestyle in general. This post will help you create a morning routine that is energizing on a physical level and on a mental level as well by builds up a calm and happy mind.

First: Positive Affirmation
Set your mind right and start your day with an affirmation that inspires, motivates, and calms you. In Judaism it is advised to start the day by saying the ‘modeh ani’ the moment we open your eyes. A sentence in which we thank Gd that we are alive, being able to once again receive the gift of life. Not taking life for granted and being thankful towards having the chance to live is a beautiful way to start the day and I learned from it a lot.

You can put together an affirmation however you want. In my post Choose Your Attitude Wisely, it Forms Your Reality I included some suggestions for affirmations, which nourish a positive attitude. If you are not sure what an affirmation is or which one to chose have a look at it.

Second: Oil pulling with Coconut Oil
Before you brush your teeth or drink anything place a tablespoon full of coconut oil in your mouth and start to wash it with it for 20 minutes.  While you do that you can get the things done you need to get done, such as showering, preparing your breakfast or enjoying a stretch (see third).
Especially in the morning our mouth is home to so many bacteria, fungi, viruses, and other toxins. We release these toxins via our tongue. Most of us re-internalize these toxins by swallowing them in the morning.Oil pulling has amazing health benefits. It detoxes your body, it cleanses your skin, keeps your teeth healthy, it whitens your teeth. It will also help you to feel more energized over time since it removes the toxins before they enter the body preventing our system to having to deal with them.

After 20 minutes spit the oil in a trash bin. Make sure you do not swallow it as it is filled with toxins after pulling for 20 minutes.


Third: Drink a Glass of Warm Water with Lemon
Depending on whether you will do your morning stretch during the oil pulling or after this will be step three or four.
Boil some water, allow it to cool down fill it in a cup and add the juice of half a lemon. This cleanse your digestive system and boosts your metabolism.

Fourth: Stretch it Out
If you are short in time you can use the 20 minutes of oil pulling to stretch. The stretching does not have to be very long. Devoting 20 minutes of your time in the morning to your self already makes a huge difference. I suggest not doing it during oil pulling but really putting 20 minutes aside only for stretching and breathing. Self devotion and bringing awareness to the body is extremely important on many levels. With all our thoughts running through the head and all the things we need to do we can easily lose a connection to our bodies. This leads to a lack of contentment and presence. It also has many physical benefits. Stretching in the morning gets your blood flow going, it wakes up your metabolism, aids the detoxification, and keeps it overall healthy and flexible.

The stretches do not need to be complicated but can be very simple, gently waking up and energizing your body. Be very present throughout the stretch, notice how it feels and connect to your breath.


Fifth: A Nutritious Breakfast
Break the fast. When we wake up we haven’t eaten for quite some time. That gave our body time to get rid of toxins, recover, and rest. It is very important to nourish it with a healthy meal in the morning. Do not skip it, do not replace it with a coffee, and do not chose heavy fatty meals who can’t provide your body with anything.
Make sure your breakfast includes healthy protein, complex carbs, and some vitamins and minerals. If possible take your time to sit down and eat it mindfully. Remember the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. If you rush in the morning you are likely to feel stressed and rushed throughout the day.


The routine as described above does not take longer than 40 – 50 minutes or even shorter if you stretch while oil pulling. It will strongly impact your well- being and you will feel so much happier and more energized throughout your day.

Happy morning
xxx Sarah

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