Physical & Mental Challenges in Pregnancy + What Has Made my Pregnancy so Joyful so Far


Being pregnant for me has been the most beautiful experience so far. It is however also accompanied by some challenges, both physically as well as mentally. Within my first 5 months of my pregnancy I have learned different ways of dealing with some of these challenges, which I will be sharing on Being Me by Sarah. I’ll be uploading two short videos a week with different exercises, which help dealing with different physical pregnancy issues. I’ll also be sharing some posts on the blog. The videos are all pregnancy friendly, sometimes specifically targeting pregnancy issues, but most of them are helpful also for those of you who are not pregnant (men and women).

I actually did not want to share anything online at first, but then I was encouraged by a few friends and I remembered how helpful it has been for me to learn from other women and that if even just one pregnant woman (or the partner) reads one of the posts and learns something from it or finds the videos helpful it is already worth it.

Here are some of the issues I have been dealing with in summary and what has helped me to experience my pregnancy so positively so far:
Many pregnant women experience all kinds of negative side effects especially in the first three months of pregnancy. I am very lucky, as my pregnancy was not accompanied by nausea or extreme mood swings or the like. I am however, experiencing all kinds of physical changes, discomfort, worries, fear and re-occurring thoughts connected to my pregnancy, the baby and all the changes, which come along this miracle.

In the first three months of my pregnancy I experienced extreme tiredness to the point that I simply couldn’t keep my eyes open and almost fell asleep in the middle of a conversation. I have never experienced such extreme tiredness before and ease when wanting to fall asleep. Thanks to that little life growing inside of me I now know how it is to fall asleep during the day within a minute and with no effort J

A huge issue for me throughout the pregnancy has been the fear that something might happen to the baby. Sharing the pregnancy news and now sharing how I am dealing with some of the issues is actually one way of dealing with that fear and being able to let go of it a bit. I have also been experiencing leg cramps (especially in the evening), some round ligament pain (which was a bit scary sometimes, as I didn’t know what it was at first), and headaches.

There are a few things, which help me in dealing with the changes, experience my pregnancy in such a positive way and enjoy it as the most beautiful time:

  • My excitement and thankfulness for being pregnant
  • My positive attitude towards the changes and always telling myself that this is only temporary and for the most beautiful reason
  • To keep caring about myself (and not only about the baby) both mentally as well as physically
  • Movement in the form of yoga, going for walks, and light exercise
  • Finding stillness regularly in the form of breathing exercises, meditation, coloring, and reading
  • Connecting to the baby
  • Reading positive posts and articles about pregnancy and birth who are written with an honesty, but also thankfulness and joy

I can only talk about challenges, which I have experienced and am experiencing. You might or might have experienced the same things or maybe completely different things. All women have different experiences and challenges throughout pregnancy. This is something we need to be aware of.

If you are pregnant and have anything to share send an e-mail to I am happy about any positive and helpful tips and experiences.

xxx Sarah

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