Pregnancy Friendly Exercises: Strengthen Your Arms

Pregnancy Friendly Exercises
Strengthen #2: Your Arms

For tips on how you may use the videos click here
Hold each (static) pose for 5 full deep & calm breaths. Repeat each move 5 times, try to move slowly with your breath.

Flow & Tips:

1. Side Plank Variation
Option 1: keep foot of top leg on the floor.
Option 2: lift top leg off the floor.
– spread your fingers wise & distribute wight evenly to protect wrist.

2. Plank Variation
– lower hips, forming one line from knees to head
– straighten your back, turning pelvis backwards to protect lower back.

3. Chaturanga Vatiation
– keep elbows close to your body.

4. Downward Dog
Option A: legs straight (only as long as your back stays straight, this is an advanced version)
Option B: keeping the knees as bend as you want.
– always make sure that your spine is nice & long, no rounding in the back
– head is relaxed
– hands are equally pressing into the mat

5. Dolphin Pose
– knees may be as bend as it feels comfortable
– shoulders above elbows
You can hold that or chose to do Dolphin Dips: moving your chin towards your thumbs.

6. Rest in Child’s Pose

* always consult your doctor before starting to exercise

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