Pregnancy Friendly Exercises: Strengthen Your Back

Pregnancy Friendly Exercises
Strengthen #3: Your Back

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Hold each (static) pose for 5 full deep & calm breaths. Repeat each move 5 times, try to move slowly with your breath.

Flow & Tips:

1. Parsvottanasana Variation
– keep both legs straight
– back foot is turned out, so that you can square your hips facing the front
– keep upper body more or less parallel to floor. Focus on using back muscles to find stability

2. Warrior III
– lift back leg as much as you can on that day
– keep hips squared & upper body parallel to floor

3. All 4, leg & arm extension
– wrists underneath shoulders, knees underneath hips
– flex back foot
-gently and slightly suck the belly in to keep back straight
–> repeat 2-3 times on each side

4. Bridge Pose
– feet are stable on floor & hip width apart
– interlock fingers underneath hips & bring shoulder blades towards each other
–> repeat 3 times

5. Rest
legs in reclined butterfly (to relax your back)

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