Pregnancy: The Power of Positive Thinking on a Positive Pregnancy Experience


My pregnancy journey so far has been the most beautiful and positively exciting time in my life. I am so thankful to be able to experience this amazing journey together with my husband. Very interesting to me was that not only my body started to change already within the first few weeks of pregnancy, but my mind as well. I care so much for that little life inside of me and at the same time our little baby has already given and taught me so much within these 6 months of pregnancy. In this post I will share with you some of my beliefs and approaches towards pregnancy and ‘mind developments’ I have made that I strongly believe can be helpful for any pregnant women.

Before I got pregnant I had all these ideas about how I would feel once I would be pregnant. I have always been amazed by pregnancies, finding it so fascinating and special. That’s also why I thought that once I would be pregnant I would probably wake up every day and feel totally astonished about my pregnancy and feel as if It is not me who is pregnant. In a way I thought that the excitement would detach me from being present and truly experiencing the pregnancy as me. That was definitely the case in the first few weeks of the pregnancy, but my mind went through such a deep change so fast. I am not sure I can even describe this feeling and being in words, but I will try.

I am still amazed by being pregnant on a daily basis and every day so thankful to be able to experience my pregnancy and grow this little life inside of me, but at the same time it feels like the most natural thing in the world. Never in my life before have I felt as if everything is just as it should be. Never in my life before have I felt so content and ok with what is. Never before have I felt so present and connected. It just feels as if being pregnant is the most natural thing to me (which it is) and that it is exactly the right time right now. Not every pregnant woman might feel this way and I would like to share a few tips on how to develop a positive attitude, which has helped me to be able to experience my pregnancy this positively:

  1. Understanding that Pregnancy is Most Natural to the Female Body

There is so much negativity and fear around pregnancy and birth with many disempowering beliefs and statements.There is a lot of false information out there, which tries to take away the natural ability of a woman to carry a baby and give birth. What is truly helping me enjoy my pregnancy and letting go of fear is to distance myself from the negativity and connecting to the understanding that our female body is extremely strong and that part of its nature is to be able grow a new life, being able to support it and at the same time allowing me to continue living my life.

  1. Truly Wanting to be Happy and Enjoy my Pregnancy

Right from the beginning of my pregnancy (and actually already before that) I have been having a strong wish to be truly happy and enjoy my pregnancy, I developed this into a very deep state of mind. This state of mind by itself makes me feel so good, but it also leads me to regularly reflect on my choices and the things I am doing to see whether they are in line with what makes me feel good.
Before I got pregnant I did a detox to make sure to clean my body and mind from all kinds of toxins and be able to enter the pregnancy fresh and healthy. Since then I am continuing to keep that up both physically and mentally, nurturing a healthy body and a positive mind set on a daily basis (which also includes lazy days and unhealthy food at times).

  1. Acceptance

Being accepting of the changes that come with pregnancy has helped me tremendously in feeling happy throughout the pregnancy so far. There has been weight gain, all kinds of body changes, incredibly strong fatigue, a stuffy nose and swollen face in the mornings. I tend to get easily irritated and a bit annoyed by feeling off but since my pregnancy I have really learned to accept and go with how I feel.

  1. Being Sensitive to my Needs

I believe that being sensitive to our needs is always important, but even more so in pregnancy. It goes together with ‘acceptance’. When I am sensitive to my needs, I can recognize them, accept them and then act finding ways to make myself feel good and find relieve from what is bothering me.

  1. Practicing thankfulness

I regularly find time for moments of stillness where I simply put my hands on my belly, breath deeply and allow a feeling of thankfulness to come up. Sometimes it is even just for a minute or so, but I find that so important, because within the rush of daily life we may forget to be appreciative and thankful even when pregnant.

  1. Being in the here and now

It is so easy to constantly think about how it will be once the little one is born and next to our side, but at the same time I have felt that it makes me a bit nervous. Not nervous in a negative way, but it just makes it hard to enjoy the pregnancy. I then start to feel so extremely excited that I just want it to happen already now. Instead I try to focus on enjoying each step of the pregnancy and notice and embrace the developments.
Our mind set has such a strong influence on who we are, what we do and how we experience each moment in life. In pregnancy, it will influence how we perceive the changes, how we feel, and our lifestyle.

Being pregnant is not an illness, which takes over, completely depriving us from being able to take care of our well- being. Pregnancy is natural to the female body. It definitely brings challenges with it, but I believe that if we are sensitive to our needs, and our own experience we can adjust our lifestyle accordingly making this a beautiful and enjoyable time in our life.

Happy pregnancy to all the pregnant women and those to-be,
xxx Sarah

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