A Young Man’s Thoughts

Sometimes I wake up from lucid dreaming, feeling stressed and thoughtful. I feel trapped between the old me, which always rejected authority and a desire and a need to become a part of it.

Being young I felt opposed to structure, growing older I realized you need to master structures – to be able to create your own. The path towards finding your own way often starts with confusion and worries. I have learned to convert worries into constructive thoughts and triggers for growth. Once I realized I care about the future, I started making the most of the present.

Waking up with (sometimes worrying) thoughts about the future is nature’s way of empowering us, enabling us to realize what is of importance to us. I experienced these thoughts often on my way to becoming an adult – whatever that means. Nature has given us the capability to reflect as a gift. Without reflection we become trapped and live an unhappy life.

Being young and highly vital our thoughts may turn into an uncontrollable flame of desire and energy. Fire lashing through our body and mind.  A fire can burn down a forest, a fire can forge steal. You’re worries, all of these emotions, are energy. Energy without agenda is just potential. Only we can find our agenda. We need to continuously look inside ourselves, allowing our minds to wander and find our own path.

How can we as individuals find tools that help us turning our wondering thoughts into productive energy? I believe that this can only be done individually but from experience I would like to share a few practical things that have and still are working for me. First of all taping into myself first thing in the morning. It took me some time and discipline to bring myself to always do so, but ever since I am more calm, concentrated and happy.  Studies have shown that for a large part of the population the first thing to do in the morning is to check their smartphone. I did this myself and found my mind confused before even starting the day. We need to look inside ourselves before engaging with the outside world. One way of taping into yourself is to sit on the floor next to your bed or on your bed for 5 minutes still after waking up, just listening to your breath – breathing in and out. Calm your mind before going into our busy world. If a morning is to busy, we can always find some minutes throughout the day. Once we look inside ourselves we can materialize our thoughts through movement and action. Which helps us all, whether we work in an office, are athletes, or creative minds.

Listening to one self might be scary and uncomfortable at first. You will start reflecting on the so-called “mistakes” you may have made in the past. Sooner than later you will realize that your mistakes are lessons. This insight and following choices will lead towards contentment and happiness. Don’t burn your opportunities for a temporary comfort; sometimes we have to feel uncomfortable to find comfort. Just like a caterpillar bursts its shell to become a butterfly and a seed dislodging into the earth to become a tree.

I shared my thoughts with you because I like to listen and read other peoples thoughts. I find it inspiring. I hope I can inspire you to find contentment. Cogito ergo sum – “I think, therefore I am” (Rene Descartes)

Tom Misch – Crazy Dream [feat. Loyle Carner] : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sa5HNkGrl8E

Written by Leon
Leon is a young entrepreneur from Hamburg who has a BA in Philosophy with Ethics and Business Management. He completed his studies with a MSc in Financial Economics. Leon spends his free time doing martial arts, reading about philosophy and working on realizing his ideas in the music and art sphere.

You can find Leon right here Instagram.com/amsch.el

Photo by Sam Lucid

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