Two Weeks with Nailah


Our little Nailah Lielle is finally here! She was born a bit more than two weeks ago, 11 days after her estimated due date, and we are just so incredibly happy and thankful. We are now mom and dad (we actually are already since 10 months, but now we can hold her in our arms) and these past weeks since Nailah’s birth have been the most beautiful in my life. I feel so centered, present in every moment, relaxed and connected to myself and the people who are close to me. It feels as if Nailah has always been with us and as if we already know each other forever. From the moment our little girl was born there was such a strong connection and it all just feels so natural. On the other hand everything is new and we are still in the process of getting to know each other. I experience insecurities, emotions and doubts, which I could never even think of before. Every day is different and exciting, full of new experiences with Nailah. I tried to write a post earlier, but I couldn’t think of anything to write. I am feeling so much but it is difficult to express, in a positive way. There is so much inside, which feels amazing and I am very aware of it, but somehow I cannot fully express it. Besides that nothing feels as important as starring at Nailah and kissing her. My concentration and focus is also not at its best. I guess the mix of all of these factors made it impossible to write about anything.

I am absolutely thankful to be a mommy to our little girl but I am also very thankful to the beautiful pregnancy and birth I have had. In previous posts I have already shared thoughts and tips around pregnancy, but there is so much more than what I have shared so far and I will therefore continue writing about it and share more around that topic in the upcoming weeks.

Like in all areas of life we cannot influence everything, but we can influence certain things and chose how we face the things we cannot change. I believe and know from my own experience that our mindset and lifestyle strongly influence how we experience pregnancy and birth.

In my work I have a holistic and integral approach in which I combine mind and body with the help of psychology, nutrition and yoga. I approached my pregnancy in exactly the same way. Before I even got pregnant I always said to myself that I want to make sure that I truly live a happy and balanced life with a positive mindset throughout pregnancy. Today I am sitting here with a healthy and peaceful baby and am thankful towards myself for how I have gone through the pregnancy, how I have treated myself and the growing life inside of me, how I prepared for birth and I look up to myself for how I gave birth and feel empowered by it.

It is such a shame that there are so many negative ideas around pregnancy, giving birth and often also about the first few weeks or months with a baby. I have always thought so but now that I have ended my first pregnancy and have given birth I believe even more than before that positive experiences need to be shared to help women let go of their fears around birth and pregnancy and with that develop a positive attitude and provide tips, which can help living a happy and healthy lifestyle. If you are pregnant or are planning to be pregnant and have any particular questions or topics you would be interested in please send me an e-mail and I will answer those directly or write a blog post about it (

Happy weekend,

xxx Sarah

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