Embarking Onto the The Road to Self- Empowerment: Shed Light on Who You Are


Are you aware of what makes you feel good? If so do you consider that in your daily choices? Getting caught up in daily living is easy and can lead us to living day by day without reflecting, without checking in with ourselves to see whether we are happy and healthy. A more fulfilling way of living is to take your life into your own hands, to chose how you want to live day by day- to empower yourself to live life in line with who you are towards contentment and health.
Our daily choices determine our direction in life. All the small choices we make within a day make up our way of living. This means that every choice is an opportunity to positively influence our lifestyle, creating a life, which supports us in reaching our goals and living in line with who we are and with what makes us feel good.

In order to know which choices would be good for us we must first be aware of who we are and what makes us feel good. Getting in touch with ourselves is key to being able to do that. Without getting to know ourselves we can get caught up in daily life just living day by day without reflecting. If we do not spend time and energy on getting to know ourselves we will live a life, which is guided by the circumstances we find ourselves in, the people around us often accompanied by stress, pressure and not feeling fulfilled.

Getting in touch with ourselves will help us getting to know ourselves, become aware of what makes us feel good and make choices and take action accordingly. By following these steps you empower yourself to live a life towards contentment and health.

One way of getting to know yourself is to ask questions. We are used to asking other people questions and we should get used to asking ourselves questions.

What makes me feel good? Am I truly happy? What makes me happy? Do I take care of my health? How do I take care of my health? These are just a few examples for questions you could ask yourself. There are so many other options. Different questions are suitable for different people.

The next step is listening. A question alone won’t fully help, the learning happens when you listen. Listen patiently, with an open mind and without judgment. For most of us this is very difficult, because our mind gets in the way. It is important to be aware that the process of getting to know ourselves takes time and might require help. The help could be a meditation, doing sports, listening to music, drawing or seeing a psychologist or coach. One way of knowing what the best ways are for you is by trying them out.

Getting in touch with yourself in order to get to know yourself is an amazing learning process. To some it might at first seem scary, because the process will confront yourself with thoughts and emotions you might have been hiding from yourself, but the effort is well worth it. It will take your life to another level, open the door to self- empowerment and with that feeling content and fulfilled by the life you live.
Wishing you a great weekend,

xxx Sarah

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