Simple Tips to Help You Getting Into a More Nutritious Eating Routine

There is a growing awareness of and interest in healthy eating, but for many it is still difficult to implement a nutritious diet in their lifestyle. Eating a nutritious diet is so important for all of us and we should not neglect that. Not only is it important, but also possible. No matter how tight your schedule is or how many things you have to do you can at least make small changes, which will help you eating a more nutritious diet. The tips for eating a more nutritious diet you find in this post are easy to implement yet can make a big difference in the way you eat.

I thought about writing this post when we were on our way back from Italy last week and I was thinking about what dish I would prepare fist once we are back home. As much as I love being on holiday I love coming back home. There is nothing like the coziness home has for me and another very important factor, which makes coming home so nice is being in the routine of cooking and eating nutritious food. Besides knowing that a nutritious diet is what keeps my body healthy, it also makes me feel good mentally. It takes a little effort to get back into that nutritious eating routine, but there are a few things, which always help me getting back into it and keeping it up. As always when we return from a trip I have also used these tips last week when we came back from our holiday and they have made the transition from eating out all the time and eating quite a one-sided diet with little veggies but lots of pasta and bread to cooking and eating a more nutritious plant based very easy.

Many people say that lack of time or not knowing what to buy or cook keeps them away from eating a more nutritious diet. In most cases I believe it is a lack of willingness to invest time. Eating healthy is not complicated, but it requires a little bit of effort and a willingness to get into it. The good thing is it is not all or nothing, Always remember it is better to make small changes, than none at all. If you want to hold on to a not so healthy eating routine, you can still add some nutritious food to your diet. If you manage to eat a bit healthier it can already make a big difference. Maybe the following tips can help you to get into a more nutritious eating routine:

  1. Always have fresh veggies and fruits in your fridge

One of the first things we do is when we come back from a holiday is to go to the supermarket to stock up on fresh fruits and veggies. A fridge full of fresh food makes it so easy to eat healthy. If you don’t know what to cook a mixed stir-fry with rice always works. If you have lots of veggies in the fridge it is always possible. It also makes you understand that eating healthy definitely isn’t boring. There are so many different kinds of vegetables and fruits, allowing you to eat differently every day if you like.

  1. Stock up on brown rice, quinoa, nuts, beans and lentils

There are a few nutritious foods, which won’t get bad fast. You should always have them at home in order to be able to combine them with fresh veggies or fruits.

  1. Pre-cook

Lack of time can get in the way of eating healthy, but not if you pre- cook. Use the weekends or one evening during the week to prepare food for the entire week. Food, which can easily be pre- cooked are for example soups, stir-fries, grains, bread spread, and beans.

  1. Buy a good blender

A good blender is so helpful, because you can prepare a variety of nutritious foods so fast and easy. With a blender you can prepare plant based sauces (e.g. tomato sauce, cashew cream sauce, pesto), hummus, soups, and smoothies.

  1. Carry healthy snacks with you

Appetite and hunger easily make us choose unhealthy fast food. The solution is to carry healthy snacks with you.

  1. Buy food boxes & prepare your own take-away

If you are out most of the day take a lunch or snack box with you to help yourself to eat nutritious food.

  1. Read about the benefits of healthy food you like

Awareness and knowledge is extremely helpful in keeping up a nutritious diet. Reading about the health benefits of food is so interesting and makes you want to eat healthy food. Become aware of the health benefits (and maybe also of how processed unhealthy food makes you sick).

7. Eat in (not out)

When you eat out you don’t know what’s in your food. Most restaurants and cafes use sugar, taste enhancers and food that is not so fresh. When you prepare your food at home you can be sure about what is inside. That healthy looking soup in the restaurant might not be so healthy after all, because it’s packed with cream, instant soup, canned veggies, oil, and taste enhancers. Spending some time on cooking really is worth the effort and it really does not need to be complicated. Check out my feel good recipes. Almost all of them are super easy and fast to make.

On my Instagram account (@being_me_by_sarah) I’ll be focusing on sharing how I keep up a (mainly) plant based nutritious eating routine. Make sure to check out my stories to see it.

Wishing you a relaxing Sunday (maybe with some food preparations for the week),

xxx Sarah

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