Pregnancy & Motherhood

For me pregnancy is so miraculous and beautiful. It is a unique time in the life of every women who experiences it. What has helped me a lot so far is to read inspirational and positive stories and tips from other women. That is exactly what you can find in this section of Being Me. I have divided the pregnancy section into ‘Thoughts & Tips’ and ‘Pregnancy Friendly Exercises’. Read below what you’ll find in each of these sections.

Thoughts & Tips
In ‘Thoughts & Tips’ I am sharing my pregnancy and motherhood experience and some tips on how I am experiencing this time in my life in such a positive way. I will be covering different topics and at times the posts might not be particularly practical, but I might just share some thoughts.

Pregnancy & Mommy Friendly Exercises
One way of taking care of our baby’s and your own well-being is by exercising. In this section of the blog you will find exercise inspiration ranging from physical exercises to mental ones. All are inspired by yoga and psychology and my own experience.

Taking care of our health and well-being is always important, but even more so when a little life is growing inside of us. Us mommies and mommies-to-be are not only responsible for ourselves, but also for our little ones. Everything we do influences the baby. Our lifestyle, and everything we think and feel during pregnancy influences our baby in the here and now and his or her life later on. Our physical and mental well-being is strongly influenced by our time in the womb. Besides exercise being important for your baby it will also help you to enjoy the pregnancy even more and find relief from some of the challenges which come along this miraculous time in your life.

How you can use the videos:
All videos are fairly short and pregnancy friendly (a healthy pregnancy is a pre-condition. Please consult with your doctor before starting an exercise routine). Some videos will specifically address pregnancy- related issues, but the exercises are also great if you are not pregnant.

You may practice the exercises shown in each video by itself or add them up, creating your own flow. All of the videos will have some tips in the explanation and a list of the different postures and movements.
Some of the videos are made up of physical exercises, ranging from strengthening your body, to releasing tension and stretching. Other videos will show specific exercises for relaxation, such as different breathing techniques or meditations.