Finding Your Diet for Optimum Well- Being and Health


Eating is a natural necessity for us and thanks to the opportunities we have today it can be so beautiful and fun. Being here in India has forced us to eat very cautious and really pay attention to where and which food we are eating. This has led to very mindful eating, which left me feeling so good and inspired me to write this post.
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What Motivates You to Eat? Observe your eating Behavior and Get to Know Your Self.

12413890_10208124540693948_1937047825_oWe are more than just a body with its needs and we are more than just a mind with its thoughts. We are a complex composition of mind, body, and soul. Our being is made up of all three parts. All three parts influence our emotions, thoughts, and actions. Understanding this is so important when looking at our eating behavior and motivation behind it.
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