How Nutrition Can Safe a Life- Fighting Cancer with the Help of Nature’s Medicine


I remember so many occasions on which I would laugh or comment on my friend’s nutritional choice. One of them was vegan. I could never imagine that she chose not to eat a tasty red piece of steak, or a slice of delicious Swiss cheese. Why? What was she thinking? I would look at her and just shake my head… Often she tried to explain to me why she made the change and why I should think about this change as well, but once again I just shook my head.

I love life; I love everything it has to offer. Whether it is the bright sun rays shining into my balcony in the morning, a scoop of ice cream on a hot summers day or just a bright red apple that tastes juicy. I ate everything until just a few months ago when I was diagnosed with breast cancer stages 1,2,3 and metastasis in the lungs.
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African Inspiration: Stay as Long as It’s Good for You- Move on as Soon as It’s Not

In exactly a week Marcos and me are flying to India for two months, doing many different yoga courses and travelling. Before I embark on this new adventure I want to share with you some of the insights I had on our honeymoon in Africa in October. We visited South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia, and Botswana. The wilderness of Botswana has been one of the most impressive and inspiring places for me so far. Being in a pure untouched environment where nature works in harmony made me think and reflect a lot.
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