Nutrition in Pregnancy


‘Now you need to eat for two’ or ‘now you are allowed to eat for two and anything you want.’ Those are probably some of the sentences I have heard the most since I am pregnant. Some people are joking when they say that but most actually really mean what they say. Nutrition, how much one eats and weight gain are huge topics in pregnancy for most women. Rightly so, because what we eat during pregnancy has a huge impact on the baby’s development, well- being, and the baby’s health and choices later in life. In this post I will share my beliefs around nutrition and weight gain in pregnancy and some of the rumors around the topic, which I do not agree with.
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Pregnancy Friendly Exercises: Calming Breathing Exercise ‘Alternate Nostril Breathing’


Alternate nostril breathing is a calming and balancing exercise. It is amazing for anyone and absolutely safe to be practiced by pregnant women. It is great for those new to breathing exercises or meditation. I find that alternate nostril breathing is extremely helpful in calming the mind, even on days where my thoughts won’t stop running through my head. I like to practice it also on days where I feel a little down. It truly helps to concentrate and find ease.
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