So Können Dich Ätherische Öle Nach der Geburt Unterstützen

PostNatal(das Foto ist im März 2017 entstanden in den ersten Wochen nach Nailah Geburt)
Viele werdende Mütter verbringen viel Zeit mit der Vorbereitung auf die Ankunft des Babies, indem sich darum kümmern was für Kleidungsstücke, Möbel und welchen Kinderwagen sie brauchen. Sinnvoll ist es auch oder vor Allem zu schauen, was man selber in der Zeit nach einer Geburt brauchen könnte. In diesem letzten Artikel der Serie ätherische Öle-rund-um-das-Thema-Schwangerschaft gehe ich darauf ein welche ätherischen Öle ihr in der Zeit nach der Geburt nutzen könnt, um euch physisch, emotional und mental zu unterstützen.
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This is What has Really Helped Me Deal with My Miscarriage  

This is What has Really Helped Me Deal with My Miscarriage

A month and a bit ago, when I was pregnant in week 12 we found out that I had a miscarriage. Today I am sitting here with a heart full of thankfulness, still some places inside of me, which are looking to be healed, so many new things I have learned in the last weeks, a sense of lightness, new kinds of thoughts, which I had never had before and overall feeling very positive and somewhat empowered. I want to share with you what has really helped me deal my miscarriage in a supportive and positive way.
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Meine Pre- und Postnatale Yoga Lehrer Ausbildungserfahrung: Davon Können Wir Alle Lernen // My pre- & postnatal Teacher Training Experience: Lessons We Can All Learn From

Sarah_Marcos_118Meine pre- und postnatale Yoga Lehrer Ausbildungserfahrung: Davon Können Wir Alle Lernen // My pre- & postnatal Teacher Training Experience: Lessons We Can All Learn From (Englisch Version Below)

Das Wunder der Schwangerschaft, der Geburt und des Eltern seins – damit habe ich mich in der letzten Woche in einem pre- und postnatalem Teacher Training mit der großartigen Lehrerin Gurmukh und anderen inspirierenden Lehrerinnen intensiv beschäftigt. Es war so besonders. Es ging nicht nur um Yoga-Posen, Atemübungen und Meditation während und nach der Schwangerschaft, sondern um so viel mehr. Das Teacher Training war eine so tiefgründige Erfahrung, die ich gerne mit euch in diesem Post teilen möchte.
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My Breastfeeding Experience

I have always been fascinated by breastfeeding and am so happy to be able to experience it now with our little Nailah. In this post I am sharing my breastfeeding experience, what it means to me and how I am using breastfeeding not only to bond with our Nailah but to practice self-care as well.
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Dealing With the Physical Changes of Pregnancy


Part of pregnancy is a changing body. All pregnant women have to deal with it. For some the changes are bigger than for others, but all of us experience changes. Not all changes are always visible to others and it often takes a while until others can see any changes, but the women itself can notice them as early as in the first month of pregnancy. The changes do not disappear with the birth, but stay for some time. Like with everything we can’t prevent it is most helpful to learn to deal with it in a positive way instead of complaining about it.
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Easy-To-Make Breakfast Recipes for Breastfeeding Moms

Within the next weeks I’ll be sharing some easy-to-make highly nutritious breakfast cookies/bars. They are perfect for breastfeeding moms. All of them are easy to prepare, can be stored, and are high in nutrition. Breastfeeding (and taking care of a baby) is energy draining for the body and it is therefore very important to eat nutritious food. These cookies and bars are not just great for breastfeeding moms but anyone who does not like to spend time on preparing breakfast every morning or can be used as snacks throughout the day.
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My Birth Preparation

MATERNITY Sarah & Marcos (2)
A big part of my pregnancy journey was preparing for birth. As I wrote in my previous posts from the beginning of my pregnancy on I set my mind to wanting to experience my pregnancy positively on a physical and mental level. I had the same intention for birth and I knew that a positive and natural birth experience required preparation. Giving birth definitely is not easy. It is a mental and physical marathon and to be able to successfully run a marathon one needs to train well and do so over an extended period of time.
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Two Weeks with Nailah


Our little Nailah Lielle is finally here! She was born a bit more than two weeks ago, 11 days after her estimated due date, and we are just so incredibly happy and thankful. We are now mom and dad (we actually are already since 10 months, but now we can hold her in our arms) and these past weeks since Nailah’s birth have been the most beautiful in my life. I feel so centered, present in every moment, relaxed and connected to myself and the people who are close to me. It feels as if Nailah has always been with us and as if we already know each other forever. From the moment our little girl was born there was such a strong connection and it all just feels so natural. On the other hand everything is new and we are still in the process of getting to know each other. Read More

Pregnancy & Exercise


Exercise is something we benefit from at any given time in life, both physically as well as mentally. The moment a women is pregnant though she is not only responsible for her own well- being anymore but also for the well- being of that little life growing inside of her. If one’s own well- being has not been a big enough motivation to take care of one self, the baby’s well- being should be. Many pregnant women, including me at the beginning of my pregnancy, are unsure of what exercises they are allowed to do and what they aren’t. At times not being sure what is ok to do when pregnant together with the belief that pregnancy justifies being lazy and moving as little as possible, keeps some pregnant women away from exercising. Exercise during pregnancy though is so extremely important and a great way to feel energetic and happy throughout pregnancy. In this post I am sharing my experience and knowledge around the topic.
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Nutrition in Pregnancy


‘Now you need to eat for two’ or ‘now you are allowed to eat for two and anything you want.’ Those are probably some of the sentences I have heard the most since I am pregnant. Some people are joking when they say that but most actually really mean what they say. Nutrition, how much one eats and weight gain are huge topics in pregnancy for most women. Rightly so, because what we eat during pregnancy has a huge impact on the baby’s development, well- being, and the baby’s health and choices later in life. In this post I will share my beliefs around nutrition and weight gain in pregnancy and some of the rumors around the topic, which I do not agree with.
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