Freier und Glücklicher Leben: So Kannst du ‘Limiting Beliefs’ Erkennen und Loslassen


-Live a More Free and Happy Life: How to Recognize and Release Limiting Beliefs. // Find the English version below-

Unser Wohlbefinden, unsere Entscheidungen, unser Tun und unser nicht- Tun sind stark von unserem mind set, unserer Geisteshaltung beeinflusst. Unsere Geisteshaltung wiederum ist von unseren Erfahrungen, Erlebnissen und dem was wir regelmäßig hören und sehen beeinflusst. Dies geschieht sowohl bewusst als auch unterbewusst. Als Resultat dessen entwickeln wir Glaubenssätze die uns in unserem Leben begleiten. Manche dieser Glaubenssätze sind sehr hilfreich; andere aber führen zu Einschränkungen und Unwohlsein. Diese werden ‚limiting beliefs’genannt: Glaubenssätze, die uns einschränken ohne von Nutzen zu sein. Durch verschiedene Techniken können wir diese Glaubenssätze erkennen und verändern und somit ein freieres und glücklicheres Leben führen und unsere Ziele erreichen.
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Selbstliebe als Eltern. Wie, wann und warum es so wichtig ist für Eltern & Kind.

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-Self-love as a parent. How, when and why it is so important for parents & child. // Find the English version below-

Mit dem Eltern- Werden wird man auf einmal von einem zum anderen Tag verantwortlich für einen anderen Menschen. Diese Verantwortung beginnt zwar schon mit der Schwangerschaft jedoch ist sie um einiges präsenter und vor Allem auch zeitaufwendiger wenn das Kleine dann geboren ist. Sich Zeit für sich selber zu nehmen als Mutter benötigt eine gewisse Bemühung beziehungsweise die notwendige Motivation. Ich setze mich mit dem Thema sehr viel auseinander als Psychologin und Life Coach aber auch als Mami und damit mit meinen eigenen Erfahrungen und Herausforderungen. In diesem Post teile ich mit euch warum Selbstliebe als Mami aus psychologischer Sicht so wichtig ist für die Eltern selber aber auch für die Kinder und wie wir es umsetzen können.
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My Journey towards Becoming a Certified Relaxation Coach Part 2: Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR)


As part of my Relaxation Coach certification I did a training in Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR), a relaxation technique, which is especially suitable for people who find it difficult to relax or for those who easily fall asleep during relaxation exercises. This might sound contradictory at first, but I will explain further down why it isn’t. This weekend has yet again deepened my knowledge and understanding of stress and I learned another relaxation technique allowing me to offer a wide array of different techniques. I find it very important, because we are all different and different techniques work for different people.
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My Journey Towards Becoming a Certified Relaxation Coach Part 1: Autogenic Training


Last weekend I began my training to be certified as a Relaxation Coach (Entspannungscoach). The training consists of three weekends covering different topics and techniques helping people to de-stress and relax. Besides learning new things and deepening my knowledge in topics I believe to be very important and helpful I am very excited that the certification allows me to offer my clients courses here in Germany, which will be partially covered by the insurance. Last weekend I completed my certification in autogenic training, a highly effective relaxation method, which can be learned and applied by anyone. In this post I am sharing my experience from this weekend and knowledge of autogenic training.
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How to Keep Calm When Your Baby Is Crying

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Nailah is now eight weeks old and within these eight weeks we have gone through days of almost no crying at all to days with a lot of crying. We are learning to differentiate between the different cries, trying to understand what Nailah needs when she cries. Hearing Nailah cry can be challenging and sometimes I wish she could speak in a language we understand and tell us what is wrong so that we can give her what she needs. This is obviously not an option and that is why we as parents need to learn to deal with our baby crying. In the past weeks I have been working on learning ways to keep calm also in moments where Nailah cries for longer periods of time or in public spaces.
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Teaching Your Mind to Function Positively: The Power of Affirmations and Self- Affirmation Practices


It’s that time of the year again: the beginning of January, the beginning of a new year. For many people this means new goals and resolutions. The problem with that so often though is a lack of proper reflection, looking within, checking what truly is good for the self, setting the mind to working towards that and doing so on a daily basis. Our mind should not only be set to achieving our goals and resolutions for a few days at the end of the year and at the beginning of the year, but on a daily basis and in a positive way. A mind, which is set to function positively, will help us not only in working towards our goals but also in working towards a higher well- being. Daily affirmations and self- affirmation practices are great and simple ways to teach our mind to function positively. This post will explain what affirmations and self- affirmation practices are, how they work, and how you can create your own affirmations.
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How my Pregnancy Has Taught me to Appreciate and Connect to my Body More than Ever


Pregnancy amazes me so much. A body can be the home of another human being for 9 months or so, giving shelter, caring for it, nurturing it and helping it to develop and grow and at the same time function to care for the self. I call myself very lucky to able to experience this miracle and would like to share how the pregnancy has taught me to love, trust and appreciate my body to an extent I have never experienced before.
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Beginning a Yoga Practice

P1050644The practice of yoga is a beautiful one, which truly enriches one’s life. I can tell you from my own experience. There are so many ideas, expectations, and stereotypical opinions around yoga, which unfortunately prevent many from practicing yoga. In this post I will address some of those, talk a bit about why yoga is for everyone and give some tips for those of you who would like to begin a regular yoga practice or just try it out, but are not sure how to. I will be focusing on the physical practice of yoga in this post, though it is important for me to mention that yoga is not just limited to the physical practice, but includes all aspects of life.
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Switching from Symptom to the Source: Mind Over Diet

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So many people constantly struggle with their weight, the way their body looks like, and their eating behaviour. They then try to work on their diet, but often do not even do a check- in with their mind. What I have learned with the help of my psychology studies, my certification as a nutritional coach and through life and my own experiences is that our eating behaviour most of the time is an expression of what is going on in our mind, rather than the source of a problem. So we should choose working on our mind over working on our diet. What exactly I mean with that and how it can be done I will explain further on.
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