Meine Ayurvedische Morgenroutine 

Meine ayurvedische Morgenroutine – ein Gästebeitrag von Denise 

„The secret of your future is hidden in your routine.“

Dieses Zitat habe ich vor nicht allzu langer Zeit gesehen und direkt abgespeichert.

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Selbstliebe als Eltern. Wie, wann und warum es so wichtig ist für Eltern & Kind.

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-Self-love as a parent. How, when and why it is so important for parents & child. // Find the English version below-

Mit dem Eltern- Werden wird man auf einmal von einem zum anderen Tag verantwortlich für einen anderen Menschen. Diese Verantwortung beginnt zwar schon mit der Schwangerschaft jedoch ist sie um einiges präsenter und vor Allem auch zeitaufwendiger wenn das Kleine dann geboren ist. Sich Zeit für sich selber zu nehmen als Mutter benötigt eine gewisse Bemühung beziehungsweise die notwendige Motivation. Ich setze mich mit dem Thema sehr viel auseinander als Psychologin und Life Coach aber auch als Mami und damit mit meinen eigenen Erfahrungen und Herausforderungen. In diesem Post teile ich mit euch warum Selbstliebe als Mami aus psychologischer Sicht so wichtig ist für die Eltern selber aber auch für die Kinder und wie wir es umsetzen können.
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My Journey Towards Becoming a Certified Relaxation Coach Part 1: Autogenic Training


Last weekend I began my training to be certified as a Relaxation Coach (Entspannungscoach). The training consists of three weekends covering different topics and techniques helping people to de-stress and relax. Besides learning new things and deepening my knowledge in topics I believe to be very important and helpful I am very excited that the certification allows me to offer my clients courses here in Germany, which will be partially covered by the insurance. Last weekend I completed my certification in autogenic training, a highly effective relaxation method, which can be learned and applied by anyone. In this post I am sharing my experience from this weekend and knowledge of autogenic training.
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Keeping Up a Balanced Self-Care Practice As a Mommy

Sarah_Marcos_357Self- care is key to well-being, but it is not always easy to keep up with a regular self- care practice. For many it is difficult to develop one at all. Being a mom means putting ones own needs aside and fully being there for the baby. Balancing taking care of one self with taking care of the baby can be very challenging, yet very important. In this post I talk about why the practice of self- care as a mom is so important and how we as moms can balance fully being there for our baby with being there for our self. I call it self-care practice because it is a continuous process of learning. At times it works better and others less, always requiring us to reflect, learn, and adapt to any given moment.
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How to Keep Calm When Your Baby Is Crying

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Nailah is now eight weeks old and within these eight weeks we have gone through days of almost no crying at all to days with a lot of crying. We are learning to differentiate between the different cries, trying to understand what Nailah needs when she cries. Hearing Nailah cry can be challenging and sometimes I wish she could speak in a language we understand and tell us what is wrong so that we can give her what she needs. This is obviously not an option and that is why we as parents need to learn to deal with our baby crying. In the past weeks I have been working on learning ways to keep calm also in moments where Nailah cries for longer periods of time or in public spaces.
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