Gesund Essen Leicht Gemacht // Healthy Eating- The Easy Way

Sarah_Marcos_Day_2_351Gesund Essen Leicht Gemacht // Healthy Eating- The Easy Way (English Version Below)

Dieser Artikel ist ganz besonders für diejenigen von euch, die Gemüse und Obst nicht mögen, keine Zeit zum kochen haben, gesundes Essen als nicht lecker empfinden und/oder nicht viel Zeit dem Essen zubereiten widmen wollen. Die Natur hat uns so viele Möglichkeiten gegeben nahrhaft zu essen, so dass wirklich für jeden etwas dabei ist. In diesem Post, stelle ich euch Nahrungsmittel und Rezepte vor, die ihr leicht in euer Leben integrieren könnt und die andere Nahrungsmittel, die nicht gesund sind, leicht ersetzen können.
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Deswegen ist der Herbst die Ideale Jahreszeit für Einen Cleanse// This is Why Fall is the Ideal Season for a Cleanse


Deswegen ist der Herbst die Ideale Jahreszeit für Einen Cleanse// This is Why Fall is the Ideal Season for a Cleanse (English Version Below)

Vitalität, Gesundheit und Wohlbefinden werden von einer Vielzahl von Faktoren beeinflusst. Einige davon können wir nicht beeinflussen, viele aber liegen in unserer eigenen Hand. Selbst genetische Vorbedingungen können wir durch unseren Lebensstil beeinflussen; welche Gene aktiviert werden hängt ganz davon ab wie wir leben und was wir erfahren. Unser alltägliches Leben bestimmt Vitalität, Gesundheit und Wohlbefinden. Regelmäßige Entgiftung und Reinigungen sind eine große Unterstützung für unseren Körper und auch unsere Psyche. Der Herbst ist eine super Jahreszeit für ein Reset. Genau deswegen werde ich meinen Körper und Geist mit einer Reinigung und Entgiftung unterstützen und du kannst mitmachen (ganz ohne Hungern). Warum der Herbst eine so gute Jahreszeit für einen Cleanse ist und wie du mitmachen kannst erkläre ich in diesem Post.
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My Journey Towards Becoming a Certified Relaxation Coach Part 1: Autogenic Training


Last weekend I began my training to be certified as a Relaxation Coach (Entspannungscoach). The training consists of three weekends covering different topics and techniques helping people to de-stress and relax. Besides learning new things and deepening my knowledge in topics I believe to be very important and helpful I am very excited that the certification allows me to offer my clients courses here in Germany, which will be partially covered by the insurance. Last weekend I completed my certification in autogenic training, a highly effective relaxation method, which can be learned and applied by anyone. In this post I am sharing my experience from this weekend and knowledge of autogenic training.
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Allow Your Body to Speak to You

Our thoughts rule our life. This is true for most of us, most of the time. We are guided by what we think we should or should not do and rarely allow our bodies and how we truly feel to guide us. This can lead to higher stress levels, lower levels of contentment and a feeling of imbalance. Working on allowing your body to speak to you can be done with simple techniques and will have a huge positive impact on your sense of self and overall well- being.
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Teaching Your Mind to Function Positively: The Power of Affirmations and Self- Affirmation Practices


It’s that time of the year again: the beginning of January, the beginning of a new year. For many people this means new goals and resolutions. The problem with that so often though is a lack of proper reflection, looking within, checking what truly is good for the self, setting the mind to working towards that and doing so on a daily basis. Our mind should not only be set to achieving our goals and resolutions for a few days at the end of the year and at the beginning of the year, but on a daily basis and in a positive way. A mind, which is set to function positively, will help us not only in working towards our goals but also in working towards a higher well- being. Daily affirmations and self- affirmation practices are great and simple ways to teach our mind to function positively. This post will explain what affirmations and self- affirmation practices are, how they work, and how you can create your own affirmations.
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How my Pregnancy Has Taught me to Appreciate and Connect to my Body More than Ever


Pregnancy amazes me so much. A body can be the home of another human being for 9 months or so, giving shelter, caring for it, nurturing it and helping it to develop and grow and at the same time function to care for the self. I call myself very lucky to able to experience this miracle and would like to share how the pregnancy has taught me to love, trust and appreciate my body to an extent I have never experienced before.
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We Aren’t Just What is Visible at First Sight – Understand Yourself (and Others) Better by Looking Deeper


It happens so easily that we simply see our emotions, thinking, feelings, and actions of the very moment, forming an opinion or judgment as a result of that. It also happens very easily to do the same with others. What we forget however is that we are not that transparent. Us humans are sensitive, deep beings and not as simple as many of us treat ourselves. It is so important to become aware of that. If we don’t, we will misunderstand ourselves (and others), treat ourselves unfair and judge too quickly.
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How Do You Treat Your Self? Reflecting on Non- violence in Daily Life.

We all have heard about violence and shocking stories depicting acts of violence, where one wonders how one human can be that cruel with another human or other living beings. How often however have you reflected on how violent or non- violent you are in your daily life, including with your self? In this post I will share my thoughts on violence and how non- violence can be manifested in daily life and how it can be incorporated into daily activities, leading to be softer with your self and others, expressing more love in all sorts of areas of life. In this article I focus on non- violence towards the self. What I am writing is a result of different fields and schools of thoughts I have learned from and my own reflection.
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